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TxHIMA Mentorship

The mentorship program promotes communication and professional relationships between mentees, who are currently in an approved HIA or HIT program, and mentors who are experienced, energetic and committed HIM professionals willing to contribute to the future excellence of the HIM profession. Mentors share their experiences, offer advice and encouragement, answer questions and act as leaders/advisors to the mentee in which they are assigned.

The mentorship program strives to provide
  1. A forum where mentees can obtain practical and honest career advice from experienced professionals.
  2. Information that is timely, useful, and corresponds with ongoing mentee concerns.
  3. Mentor responses that are meaningful, accurate, and clear representation of the current HIM field environment.
  4. Examples of conduct that inspire mentees and instill in them a sense of pride in the HIM profession.
  5. Methods for efficiently directing mentees to appropriate HIM information sources.
  6. Ways of identifying possible future tracks, needs, concerns, and challenges of the HIM To help “Bridge the Gap” for mentees between education and employment.

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