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Affiliation Agreement
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  1. The local chapter is identified by a geographic area defined by TxHIMA.
  2. The local chapter may be a separately incorporated group, independent of TxHIMA. It is not intended that this agreement will, and this agreement shall not create a partnership, agency relationship, employment compensation arrangement, corporate membership, or other business or legal relationship beyond that of not-for-profit affiliation for the accomplishment of mutual programmatic objectives.
  3. The legal relationship is directed by the sharing of the same organization name (HIMA – health information management association), and membership base.
  4. Local Chapters which are incorporated, should maintain a reserve. Tax reporting and maintenance of bylaws is required.
  5. Local Chapters are responsible for maintaining their incorporation and exempt status. It is recommended that Local Chapters seek professional assistance for the process of incorporation and obtaining exempt status.


Local Chapter by-laws are required, should follow & conform to the TxHIMA/AHIMA bylaws, be submitted to TxHIMA for review and approval by February 1 each year or when there is a change approved by the local chapter membership.

Local Chapters must comply with a Conflict of Interest Policy and Anti-Trust Policy.



The local chapter by-laws should outline the procedures and distribution of direct assets to TxHIMA.



Local Chapter members must be members of AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), thus TxHIMA.


Officers and Authority

Local Chapter officers have responsibility for the organization, compliance to state and federal law. Offices should be outlined in the local chapter’s bylaws.

Local Chapter Officers may not hold a Board Member position at TxHIMA and the local chapter association at the same time.


Local Chapter Affiliation Agreement Branding

TxHIMA grants the local chapters in good standing the rights to utilize the TxHIMA logo. Guidelines should be followed for its use and protects against any misuse. Guidelines are documented in TxHIMA policies and procedures.


Products and Services

TxHIMA products and services, including but not limited to promotional materials and items, must be utilized as appropriate and meeting the following criteria:
  • Fit mission of TxHIMA
  • Advances professional image
  • Advances TxHIMA or AHIMA products and services
  • Complies with IRS tax rules
  • Does not reflect negatively on TxHIMA or its members
  • Does not endorse products or services that compete with TxHIMA products and services including publications and educational sessions
Membership lists should not be released except under the following circumstances:
  • Upon request by TxHIMA
  • Co-sponsors of an educational activity
  • Acknowledgement of option to opt out by membership

TxHIMA shall provide each local chapters in good standing

  • Access to Local Chapter membership information
  • A listing on the TxHIMA website event page; posting of contact information and Local Chapter Meeting information
  • Access to Speakers and Volunteers if available
  • Opportunity to partner in education events and activities (including coding roundtables and other forums) on mutual agreement with TxHIMA
  • On-going communication on organization and professional initiatives and activities
  • Access to documents and templates to support local chapter operations
  • Access to leadership & governance information provided by AHIMA and AHIMA

Mutual Indemnification

TxHIMA shall indemnify and hold the local chapter harmless from any and all claims, actions, and liabilities, demands, damages and costs arising from the actions or omissions of TxHIMA or except to the extent caused by Local Chapter’s own negligence or willful misconduct. The local chapters shall indemnify and hold TxHIMA harmless from any and all claims arising from the acts or omissions of the Local Chapter, except to the extent caused by TxHIMA’s own negligence or willful misconduct.


Term and Renewal

The agreement establishing the affiliation between TxHIMA and the local chapter, once executed, shall remain in constant effect until or unless termination is desired by either party or may otherwise be necessary. Termination shall be accomplished by mutual consent with notification of 60 days written notice.


Local Chapter Affiliation Agreement

This agreement is executed by completion of the online submission form below. The form completion indicates compliance with the content of this Affiliation Agreement. This agreement is automatically renewable on a year-to-year basis until revoked. The parties may revise or modify this Agreement only by a written amendment signed by both parties.


This Affiliation Agreement is made between the Texas Health Information Management Association, a not-for-profit corporation (TxHIMA) and the local chapter identified below, an affiliate of TxHIMA, in consideration of the mutual covenants and obligations of the parties contained herein and for the purposes set forth in the terms of agreement.